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ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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The ZagTrader Asset and Portfolio Management System (AMS) is a one-stop shop that will simplify all your operations so you can focus on your core strength. The ZagTrader Asset and Portfolio Management System will allow you to manage assets and portfolios using the latest and best tools in business. Gain a perspective view over your assets and excel through maximizing returns. This will enable you to manage investment strategies efficiently and confidently all in real-time.

Asset managers need flexible software equipped with sophisticated tools that can help them adjust to their business requirements and manage their operations. The system provides a unique integrated experience between the front end and the back end (trading, accounting) which will allow clients to not only have the recommendations and analytics but to also integrate with global data feeds and research. The portfolio balancing can be done through tight integration between the trading platform and the asset management platform. This is the next generation asset management at its best.

Key Benefits

  • Connect with thousands of brokers around the world
  • Handle multi asset classes with global data feeds
  • Corporate action management
  • Different weighing factors based on segments such as sectors, geographies, and asset classes.
  • Auto-rebalancing capabilities. 
  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) supported. 
  • Efficient management of portfolios in different types and multiple structure views
  • Extensive reporting capabilities in addition to on-demand reports production for unlimited viewing. 
  • Tightly and seamlessly integrated with Bloomberg EMSX/TSOX, Thompson Reuters, NYFIX, and prime brokers.
  • Auto-rebalancing with real-time NAV
  • Straight-through processing across multiple asset classes across multiple markets.